A tribute to a humble lady who was classy in all the best ways!

Holly Cottage Boutique was created to commemorate and pay tribute to some of the values and traditions that my sisters and I learned from our mother. Discovering quality products at great prices was a satisfying challenge that all four of us enjoyed, whether shopping together or individually.

Our mother always received so much joy when finding special gifts for family and friends. She passed that trait on to each of us, but especially to my older sister, Debbie, who lives the Scripture, "It is more blessed to give than to receive," every day.

While our sweet mom has gone on to heaven, we cherish all of our memories of her and strive to live her life lessons daily. Holly Cottage Boutique is just one more way we have found to do that.

We take great pleasure in discovering, sourcing, designing, and shipping fun, innovative, and superior products for your home and office, as well as great gifts for those you love.

We hope you will visit Holly Cottage often to explore our latest designs and creations so that you can pass on the gift of humor or encouragement to someone in your life, too.

Angie Berg